The Great Britain Student Pioneers Tour Kazakhstan 2010


In 2010, the SRL Chairman's XIII, also known as the 'Pioneers' will be visiting Kazakhstan. The purpose of the Pioneers is to help develop rugby league in new countries and new locations. We will be based in Taldykorgan near Almaty about 200 miles from the border with China. Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and was the capital until 1997.

We depart on 1 July and return on 11 July 2010 during which we shall play 3 matches, the first against Kazakhstan and the next against Kyrgystan before players from Uzbekistan join up to form a combined Asian team for the third game.

Kazakhstan was one of the original participants when rugby keague was introduced into the USSR over 30 years ago but they have not played for many years and are enthusiastic to restart. The intention is that the Pioneers will work with them in joint training sessions before competing against them to provide their first international opposition.